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Evonia (at one time named Denual)

Evonia, once called Denual, formed off of Ama’rane before the First Age. Scholars and Geologists have performed extensive studies related to the formation of Evonia and this is now considered as fact. The reason for the separation is not clear, however. Some theorize the same astral impact that broke Ama’rane from Kel-sith Majoa also broke Evonia off. Others believe that the separation occurred while or after Ama’rane was drifting southwest due to instabilities in the crust.

The Geography of Evonia



Evonia has many different types of biomes: forests, plains, prairies, some swamps, hill lands, some mountain ranges, and even small patches of deserts and savannas.

The geography and terrain underwent a drastic change during the Age of Eclipse where almost the entire continent was scorched under a raging inferno. Demons rampaged across the land destroying everything – man, nature and beast. Oddly, they completely avoided Faro-shee (FMA territory). The demons vanished 100 years after they arrived leaving the the continent in shambles and abandoned.

Once the continent was free of Demons Disorains began to migrate to Denual en-mass. Denual was renamed Evonia by these migrates and became their official homeland. They constructed mighty clockwork cities and established themselves on the world stage by forming the Kyrosai Empire. The use of clockwork tractors was vital in the rebuilding process.


The Climate of Evonia

Evonia is a temperate climate with four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. There is nothing unusual about the weather on the continent. Clockwork contraptions are used to clear snow and ice from the cities and roads in Evonia.


Evonia’s Natural Resources

Evonia is home to rich mines of ore – in particular orinsteel, tin and iron. Sillo’s Mines seems to contain an unlimited supply of this ore and has made the FMA very wealthy. Beyond that, other minerals such as gold and silver mines, and quartz, sapphires and rubies are mined.

Almost all of the forests were burned in the Age of Eclipse due to the demon fire that swept across the land. The woodlands which exist today are much younger and the wood is softer. This has made rebuilding Evonia difficult and partly why clockwork devices have taken precedent – plenty of minerals to construct metal devices and structures compared to wood. At the time, Disorains also did not have the mental capacity to use magic and had a general disdain for the arcanic arts. While this has since changed, the continent still has a negative outlook on magic users.

Evonia has had to import wood and other building materials from far off lands such as Lon’gordia and South Kel-sith. Often, it is cheaper to harvest the minerals or purchase them from Faro-shee at bulk rates.


The Wildlife of Evonia

There is a great variance in the wildlife on Evonia due to the number of biomes, terrain and re-population projects. Even though a number of habitats were destroyed during the Age of Eclipse, some escaped the destruction by hiding or fleeing. Additionally, a re-population program was undertaken by the FMA, initial migrating Disorains and the Explorer’s Guild. This has done much to restore the natural balance of the wildlife.

Some species which find their home on Evonia are bears, foxes, wild dogs, deer, small badgers, and many types of birds (including birds which are equipped with clockwork suits). Even some poisonous plant life from South Kel-sith can be found here. Hunting is strictly regulated by the FMA and Kyrosai and requires several permits.