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Below, you will find the information and history of the Treloria race, as known to the scholars in the 14th Age, where A Tempest Season currently takes place.



The Treloria are a race of tree people with a propensity to violence that originate from Lon’gordia’s Letviticus Valley. They are bi-pedal humanoids that stand roughly three to eight feet tall. They have small beady black eyes, bark skin, and leafy branches that protrude outwards from their limbs.



The Treloria came into existence after the Fourth Age, with the destruction of Ravinder. The Dwarfs that found refuge in the Letviticus Valley region describe the emergence of the Treloria as a planetary response to the damage caused by Dwarf mining operations that left an entire continent in ruins.

Since their first encounter, the Treloria and Dwarfs have shared animosity with one another; though, their relationship has improved over time. With the Stone-Wood Pact of the 12th Age, the Treloria allowed the Dwarfs access to the mountains of Letviticus Valley for mining, but with strict regulations.

During the 13th Age, the Treloria were almost eradicated by Inferno Mages sent by the Dark Mage to destroy Letviticus Valley. Dwarf records indicate that the sky was filled with the light of burning, sentient trees for more than 100 days.

The Treloria have since spread beyond Letviticus Valley and now find themselves drawn to Ama’rane by an unknown power.



Though cold and calculating at times, the Treloria are known for outbursts and random acts of violence for no discernable reason. During combat, they will become enraged and perform a harsh beatdown on their target.



The Treloria originate from the Lon’gordia’s Letviticus Valley. There are legends of a great tree city there called Sky-Tree City, but no one except for the Treloria have seen it.


Preferred Classes

Treloria make good Rangers, Fighters, Mages, Wizards, Arcanists, and Clerics.


Natural Abilities

Root – entangles your enemies with vines and brambles from the earth.
Bark Beatdown – when a target is near death, this triggers a sudden burst of violence that adds a second attack.
Photosynthesis – like any good plant, you gobble up the sun’s radiation. During the day, you will experience a small boost to attack, defense, and damage mitigation. There are no penalties during the evening.