Return to Duskhaven, the Forgotten Fortress

Mr Yuli Milano’s tales of Duskhaven

From the writings of Mr Yuli Milano:

Tall and dark, the walls of death
Barred the light of good.
Walking through the halls of death
A prison timeless stood.
Among the scourge and wicked fiends
Most men had lost their lives.
Beneath the floor in pooling blood
The evil lives and thrives.
Come one, come all, see history
Is etched upon the walls!
For gold, for glory, be history!
The fortress mighty calls!
For those who wish to sign their names
In the legendary tome
Discard your life and enter here.
Where wretched creatures roam.
Sleep the night where spirits haunt
Forsake your sanity
When the morrow’s sun doth rise
Its light you shall not see!
Heed these words and wander not
In darkness black as coal
Lest fortress known as Duskhaven
Should claim another soul!