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Rogues are a crafty group. They have the skill to sneak in the shadows, attack from the shadows with a backstab, pick your pockets, your locks and rob houses. Rogues ventured to Tralisia mainly for personal gain, however there is a secret underground guild located there. The guild’s purpose is to try to fill its pockets with gold and to gain political power through the back channels. A supposed man named “Loanman Cashking” is the guild leader. However, no one has ever seen him.


Rogues are considered medium difficulty and are suggested for new or experienced players to try. Their mechanics are more varied but still relatively easy to understand. The role play can be more varied and offer many unique challenges and situations.

With that said, Rogues offer players who love being crafty, sneaky and clever a very rich experience!



Rogues serve as Utility, non-combat support, and DPS. Rogues can deal high melee damage through shadow attacks with their daggers.


Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Rogues. Rogues can be expert traders, harnessing skills to generate much wealth such as bargaining and pick locks. They can slink in the city streets looking for unsuspecting players with whom to pickpocket. Or they can join the underground Thieves Guild. Or perhaps they want to form their own? Some Rogues aspire to be assassins and even at times, knock off political figures in Tralisia.


Unique Game Play System

Rogues use the unique game play system of ingredient pouches. These pouches provide fuel for their numerous crafty abilities. These abilities range from smoke bombs, to shanks from narrowly escaping risky situations.

Certain items in the game are marked as an ingredient and then they can be compounded and placed into the pouch. This will refill the charges a pouch has, which will allow the use of the abilities.




Each Rogue can select from one of two focii. Each will give the Rogue unique skills.


The Brigand rogue found dirty fighting and combat to be more fulfilling than a life filled with simple thievery. For the brigand, they sought to become thugs, enforcers, and strong arms for king pins and over lords. Experiences merely represents the better implementation of these hard knuckled principles.

Role: The Brigand is a combat orientated rogue.


The Loner rogue, as a child and young adult, habitually followed his friends and acquaintances to see whether they would notice. He made his own lockpicks and tried them out repeatedly. He developed the ability to find out things he shouldn’t have known and get to places otherwise off-limits to him. He isn’t as useful to a formal organization that desires information acquired in a specific conventional way, but is of great use to himself.

Role: The Loner is a non-combat, utility and support based rogue.
This focus specializes in picking pockets, robbing NPCs of their items, picking locks, mentoring under other rogues and gaining city contacts.


Special Attacks

Rogues have access to the following combat specialized attacks:
Circle – allows the Rogue to circle around and land a powerful blow to their target.
Backstab – a powerful sneak attack from the shadows.



The basic specializations the Rogue has access to at level 25 are:


One career path for rogues is to enforce the streets. This takes a certain amount of bravery and strength – the streets will not be tamed at will! Enforcers make perfect henchmen, capable of imposing a King Pin’s rule where and when needed


One career path for rogues is to rob houses and others in the world. The thieves learn how to break into unsuspecting homes to remove the occupants of their belongings! This can lead to vast riches! Also, thieves become adept at crafting their own lockpicks. A rogue who masters these skills will be effective at gaining gold and experience outside of combat.


Rogues are crafty and cunning – able to adept to any situation. However, when given time and the resources to carry out a job, the results can be borderline amazing: huge heists, bewildering cons and information gathering on an unprecedented level. Rogues who train in the art of Spying can achieve the above and more. Spy’s can disguise themselves. See help Disguise in the game.



To see all abilities this class receives click here: Rogue Abilities

Rogues also get a 10% bonus to automatically dodge any attack.


Preferred Races

Disorains and Humans.



pickpocket, pick lock, hide, steal, backstab

Rogue Abilities

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