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Clerics form the religious sect within Eihydia. They follow one of five Entities. This Entity bestows them with powerful gifts used to spread their faith. Each Entity has different gifts available to the cleric so choose wisely.

As the Cleric prays for gifts their sympathy will raise. When they reach a certain amount they are able to raise their devotion level and gain new gifts from their Entity. You can also donate gold in order to gain sympathy.

Finally, Clerics are able to successfully hunt and purge undead creatures. Undead creatures are only susceptible to Holy and Elemental attacks (though weakened).



Clerics are considered medium difficulty and are suggested for players who wish to heal and support others. Clerics also require large sums of gold in order to gain favor with their Entity, which in-turns bestows them powerful holy prayers!

The role play can be difficult at first but extremely rewarding over time – especially if they are able to build a temple or develop skills to purge undead. Being able to spread your Entity’s beliefs to others is very satisfying.

With that said, Clerics offer players who love being pious and spreading their beliefs to others a lot of satisfaction. Just realize you’re in for a long journey but there is light at the end of the tunnel.



Clerics serve as a Healer, Buffer and Utility.


Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Clerics. Clerics provide social services in the realm of healing and resurrecting other players. They can perform sermons and preach to NPCs to help spread their faith and gain silver and gold. Aspiring Clerics can even build a temple for their Entity and become the High Priest. Others may wish to hunt down the deadly undead that roam the most dangerous parts of Ama’rane!

On rare occasions (exemplary role play) their Entity may visit the Cleric.


Unique Game Play System

Clerics have three unique game play systems: Entities, Favors and Worship. A Cleric must follow an Entity in order to be effective.


There are five Entities that overlook the world of Eihydia each giving unique gifts:

  1. Empathy – The Entity of love and care for others.
  2. Perseverance – The Entity that signifies the will to live and strive.
  3. Iniquity – The Entity that stands for death and evil.
  4. Apathy – This Entity only cares about their followers and no one else.
  5. Obscurity – An Entity that prizes stealth, knowledge, and secrets.



Clerics use Favor to pray for their gifts. Each gift costs a certain amount of base favors and then more can be spent to power it up further. This gives the cleric freedom to choose how strong they want their gift to be.

Favors are restored each minute to the Cleric and they only have a limited amount of them. They must choose wisely in order to stay effective during combat. It is a simple and challenging yet rewarding system to play.


At the 25th level, Clerics can begin a following. Other Players will be able to dedicate their allegiance to the Cleric. In return, both receive large bonuses to their cause. Clerics will be able to attain many followers when they reach higher devotion levels.

The benefits for the Cleric are as follows:

  • Gain 1% of experience from each follower.
  • Gain 1 devotion per kill of their followers.
  • While grouping, gain +1 defense/attack per follower
  • Ability to teleport to their follower to resurrect them.
  • Ability to use a special worship chat to talk throughout the world to their followers.

The benefits for the Followers are as follows:

  • Lowers experience debt by 25% when they fall in battle. If the Cleric is online, this is increased to 40%.
  • Gains 10% experience bonus per kill (if the Cleric is online).
  • Ability for their cleric to teleport to them so they can be resurrected.
  • Gains +2 defense/attack and damage is reduced by 10% in a group with the Cleric.
  • Ability to use a special worship chat to talk throughout the world to their cleric/other followers.

See ‘help worship’ for more information in game.




Each Cleric can select from one of two focii. Each will give the Cleric unique skills.


Ordained Clerics received a formal education. He has been taught what to say and when to say it. He knows how to motivate the peasantry and this is considered the primary function of his profession. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of his Entity’s favor.

Role: The Ordained Cleric specializes in grouping and utility based skills


Faithful Clerics felt called from an early age and exhibited an ability to exercise his Entity’s power. He either rejected or was turned away from the Academy and so learned purely by experience. His world view tends to be very different from his educated counterparts. He lacks the ability to whip up mobs, but for him the Entities are more immediate concepts, capable of affecting his life at any moment.

Role: The Faithful Cleric specializes in superior healing and defensive combat.

Special Attacks

Clerics do not have access to any special attacks.



The basic specializations the Cleric has access to at level 25 are:

Theological Philosophy

Theological Philosophy is viewed as an essential for religious learning and dogmatic practice. Mastery of this specialization allows a Cleric to theorize on their religion, spread their religious dogma around the world, and hold large ceremonies with their followers at places of worship.

Supernatural Comprehension

This skill is the study of all things Undead and supernatural. It will bring with it specific bonuses and advantages to fighting Undead and other evil creatures. Clerics will be able to imbue weapons and armor with holy power and gain specialized attacks against undead.

Devout Armaments

Clerics are people of faith – divined and touched by the Entities. It is the Entity’s law they uphold. Sometimes, these laws can be upheld with words. Other times, it must be by the sharp blade or the crack of a mace. It is here, where the Cleric becomes illed with Devout Strength..



To see all abilities this class receives click here: Cleric Abilities


Preferred Races

Humans, Dwarves, Cryinales, Treloria, Corvants and Amphorians.



gift, pray, analyze, donate, worship, use ‘worship’

Cleric Abilities

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