A Tempest Season Officially Opens!



Actinate and myself would like to announce that A Tempest Season is now officially opened! We have decided it is time to leave Beta testing and move forward with the RP. We will still be working on the game and finishing up the remaining tasks we want to complete. Some of these tasks have been moved to be RP events, which is likely much more fun!

We want to take a moment to thank every single player that helped us get this far. It is with your dedication and contributions over the past 6 years that make ATS what it is today, and will also help fulfill its full potential. Thank you for making ATS a special place where we can all come together for fun, community, and exciting adventures!

Since ATS is officially live, this means Role Play is fully active. Expect to have Helpers engage in RP with players who log on. You may also contact them on Discord to do RP events or wish to continue with a current story-line.

In the coming days and weeks we will be working on announcing events and quests, and begin putting ads on various websites to draw new players – so stay tuned!

Thank you and have fun!

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