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A Tempest Season Officially Opens!

Still In Beta Testing

We are still in beta testing and it has gone well over the past 5.5 years. Many improvements and progress has been made.   We are buckling down to complete the final tasks so we can open. We are focusing on the list of final priorities in order to finish the game.   Thanks for …

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State of the Game – 12/2019

Hello! Here is the end of year State of the Game for 2019. Overall, the game has been going great! We have attracted many new players, done RP, and started to build our community. This is only the starting point for our adventures in ATS – we have so many fun activities and events planned …

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State of the Game – 09-2021

Hello! I’d like to take a few moments of your time to discuss a game update from Actinate and I as it has been awhile. First off, thank you for all your continued support during these strange times. Unfortunately for the majority of us, 2021 has been similar to 2020. We are happy to be …

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