A Tempest Season


Actinate and I have decided to re-open ATS.

However, we are not using the same version of the game before, which was based on FastROM and the C programming language. Instead, we are going to write our own custom code base in Java. This will give us a lot more flexibility in how to develop the game systems. The down side is that it will take some time to do the programming of the game. A lot of the code is completed, and it mostly needs a lot of polish and some additional features, but the bare bones are there. I suspect we will be able to enter a beta phase in a couple of months. On the positive side, I wrote an area convertor that has converted all of the rooms, exits, and NPCs from the old version of the game. Meadowlark will need to go through the areas and touch them up, as well as remake some of the items.

We also wanted to fix some of the issues that plagued the old ATS game – namely the grind, difficulty in adding in new skills/spells, NPC based quests, and the lore.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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