Game Update July 2023


Today we release three new exciting aspects for A Tempest Season!

  1.  The class Lunar Sages! A new class which embraces the moons of Amor and Honestus! You can read more about them here:
  2. Lunarian Alve, a race of beings from Amor and maybe Honestus! You can read more about them here:
  3. The class Solar Magus! A new class which worships the goddess Lumiaris, Goddess of Day from the 2nd Age! The counterpart to Zuloruk, the God of Night from the 2nd Age! This Class wields a mace and summons down blazing power from the sun and Lumiaris herself! Additionally, they can create a Burning Sun Throne and usher in powerful decrees during combat! They have large egos, and certainly, do not take no for an answer! You can read more about them here:

A few quick notes!

For the Solar Magus, Chat GPT was integrated into the game as a test to see how easy it is to help make abilities. This involved lots of coding up brand new parts of the game plus changing others. The class also uses the new Damage Tier System, so their numbers may be odd, as well as delay, reuse, and ability costs.

As you can see, the speed at which the Lunar Sage was created vs the Solar Magus is pretty impressive! I created the code updates for Chat GPT and the class itself in shorter time than the design phase of Lunar Sages!

Having said that, there has been LOTS of change to make these 3 additions happen. There will be bugs! And issues! And balance issues! Please report them on the forums in the bug section and we will fix them.

Thank you for playing and enjoy!
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