And Then There Were Skills!

They cried for abilities to further their rise to power.



The cries were heard and their abilities were delivered!

April was started with a great challenge and one that was met! We wanted to complete the Focii abilities (80 abilities, including 20 of which had to be designed for the Mage Class). This was successful – all 80 were completed. Then, we went further: completed the 5 Fighter Styles (45 skills). Still, we were not done – all of the weapon skills and armor skills were completed. On top of this, additional, misc type skills were made. All told, 171 skills were made!

The ability editor was extremely successful in making it possible to add this many skills so quickly. The time investment in creating it has already paid off. The only issue is the complexity – it takes a bit to figure out how to use. However, that’s a small price to pay I say.

The Price.

The Price.



On top of that, we’ve been having the players test portions of the game and that’s going quite well. I’m been tweaking character creation based on the feedback from the testers.


We’re making good progress in reaching our goal for opening in a few months. We shall complete many portions of the game including the rest of the abilities and the manual. The lore section will always be a work in progress.


Until next time…

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