Meeting of Wilds

February 15, 2020 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Ranger Camp, east of Tralisia

Gleebuck Gloryseek, Fiendslayer, He Who Perseveres, Gremlin Paragon, wishes to convene with like-minded individuals concerned with Ranging, hunting, and general outdoorsmanship upon the [15th of February, 2020, 6 PM PST] within the Ranger Camp near the eastern gate of Tralisia. The subject of this meeting shall be the utter taming and subjugation of the Silent Wood, to both permit expansion and ring the names of those so immortalized in Doing down throughout history. Mr. Gloryseek graciously permits those wishing to add themselves to the story of his deeds an opportunity to prove themselves worthy of being mentioned alongside him and looks forward to meeting those so intrigued.

Trellene Wealhollow, cleric of Perseverence, did pen this on the 32nd day of Lumigaia in the year 305 as the scribe of Master Ranger Gleebuck Gloryseek.