Council of the Faithful

January 24, 2020 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Memorial Hill

To all of Tralisia’s faithful:

At my end of my sermon, multiple individuals brought up the idea of a forming a council for the faithful of the Entities as well as the faithful of other beliefs. This idea has been brought up before, but thus far no council has been formed. I would like to hold an initial meeting to understand whether such a council would benefit Tralisia’s people and the faithful.

I have proposed a few topics of discussion below, but welcome any suggestions.

  • What should the aims of this Council be?
  • How could the city and the faithful benefit from working together?
  • Should the Council partake in joint research activities for the benefit of the faithful?
  • What topics/decisions are barred from the Council?
  • Which faiths will be represented, and by how many individuals per faith?
  • If there is no cleric, shaman, or templar for a given faith, can anyone else represent the faith in the short term?


If you cannot attend in person, do not wish to attend in person, or would like to submit your views anonymously, please reach out to me privately before the meeting.