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On How to Play a Rogue

(The following is written by Archanos)

Rogues almost always depend on speed to defeat their enemies, as most know they don’t have the brute force of a fighter nor the flexibility of a mage, but they make do with what they have. Backstabs and bleeding damage are their main tools, as they dish out heavy amounts of damage, taking out a huge chunk of an enemy’s health before the fight even begins, as long as it connects. With that in mind, it’s always best to have high dexterity when rolling a combat rogue.

Hide is your best friend. Use it often. Even when not in combat, hide can mean life or death in a hostile area. Being a fast thinker also factors into the picture. Rogues are squishy, and the right move at the right time can save a life, or multiples lives if you like cheating death. As a combat rogue, it’s important to remember that speed doesn’t only apply to the character’s speed, but the player’s as well. You can hide right away after killing everything in the room that you were attacking!

Always have an exit route ready. When facing a potentially strong enemy you’re not confident about fighting, it’s always good to have an escape plan if or when things go south really fast. Bleeding for 97 health? No problem, you’ve memorized how to run. Running away isn’t a sign of cowardice, it’s acknowledging the fact that you aren’t a headstrong muscle-growing, axe lugging Bigfoot warrior, and that you’re crafty.

Know when to use your skills, and know how important those skills are to you, as the player. This pretty much applies to all classes, but as a rogue, you usually don’t have the luxury of time on your side. Pay attention to your skillset, and learn how to use them. You get an idea of this during character roll-up, so choose carefully the skills you will have, and the type of character you want to be. Learn to apply different skills in a fight and not just stick to one. More often than not, one of those skills will save your life.

Lastly is, of course, to have fun. Yeah a lot have heard this line before, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Experiment with playstyles. Learn specs. If you’re more into combat, of course, take the Enforcer spec as it gives you more moves you can mix with enemies, just remember you don’t have that big of a stamina pool so conserve those hard hitting moves for when you really need it.