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Explorers excel at adventuring in the dangerous wilds of Eihydia. Explorers are mostly a non-combat class who dig for artifacts and have many skills useful for avoiding combat encounters. They also specialize in using whips as their means of weapon.


Explorers are restricted and can only be rolled up by petitioning the staff. If you’re interested in playing as one please send an email describing your RP reasons for doing so: [email protected]

There is no guarantee that your request will be approved and the selection process involves being randomly chosen.



Explorers are considered medium difficulty. Their mechanics are fairly easy to understand and the role play is not hard to get started with. However, due to nature of their abilities, using them to avoid combat takes skill and experience.


Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Explorers. Explorers are members of the Ama’rane Explorers Guild, which is located in Lake Fortune. They have exclusive access to the Guild, which offers unique quests and items. In addition, Explorers will be able to find secret areas that no others can.



Unique Game Play System

Explorers have the ability to make camp sites and dig for artifacts. They receive a subset of special skills that allow them to locate artifacts. These skills used together will unearth artifacts which can be used to complete quests and get money.



The survey skill allows an Explorer to see if the current room is good enough to make camp and dig for artifacts.



After a suitable location has been found with survey, you may place a dig site and make camp. This gives the explorer the capability to start digging for artifacts. Camping also makes the Explorer immune to aggressive mobs. However, if they leave the room or attack, this protection will be lost.

Higher levels of camp allow for different terrain types to be dug at. Training this skill is extremely important to the Explorer.

Camps have a limited amount of uses and duration. Any ability used that requires a camp will expend a use. Training this skill increases the duration and number of times these abilities can be used.



Once a dig site has been pitched, it’s time to dig! The Explorer will dig in the room to unearth mounds of dirt which can have artifacts and other items (such as loot from a NPC’s loot table).


Bombs (Optional)

Explorers can also use high explosives at their dig sites. These can be purchased at the Ama’rane Explorer’s Guild and are only effective while at a camp. The Explorer lights the bomb and throws it on the ground to unleash the destructive nature contained within! If successful, the explosion will litter the nearby rooms with items.



Digging often turns up mounds of dirt. This dirt needs to be sifted. If successful, a dirty item will be revealed from the dirt.



Once a dirty artifact is located, it can be cleaned to reveal either a hunk of junk (failure or too low for the area you’re digging in), an item from the monster’s loot table or a dynamically generated artifact. The exact loot item or artifact depend on the average level of the monsters in the area.


These discovered artifacts are used to complete the quests given at the Explorer’s Guild. They also can be sold for gold or analyzed in an attempt to make them worth more (see below).


Artifact Analysis

While an artifact may be found, its true origin and worth isn’t exactly known until it goes under an exhaustive analysis process. This can only be done in the Ama’rane Explorer’s Guild where Eliza resides. If successful, the artifact will be revealed to be a rare and priceless one, which increases its worth significantly! If the analysis fails, then the item is left unchanged. This is a low risk but high reward skill.



Special Attacks

Explorers have no special attacks.



Explorers have access to all normal skills, such as haggle, hide and sanctified rest.


Preferred Races




Survey, camp, dig, sift, clean, artifact analysis.