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On How to Play a Cleric


In some games it is said that there are unbreakable rules to abide by while playing a Cleric. We agree with these past game masters that there should be rules but also that they should be bendable. Why? In order to avoid the “cookie cutter” syndrome; to avoid an influx of one-dimensional and static characters.

The Clerical classification has been voted the most difficult class to play in A Tempest Season and rightfully so. A world full of healers and religious types leaves little to combat and nothing to the unique status of dogmatic leadership and political influence.

No one can tell you (the player) how to play your character, this is after all your game, but we can give you some simple guidelines that we expect to be followed and some suggestions that may spark exciting ideas.

The purpose of this guide is to find out whether or not playing a Cleric is the right choice for you as well as offer some user-friendly tips to get started. Good luck and have fun.

~ATS Staff


I Plan to be Rich and Famous!

Slow down there slugger!!! First, thing is first, you have to establish yourself in the world of Eihydia and before you do that, you have to think about your character. Let us start with making a list of who and what you are before we set any long-term goals.


Start by asking yourself some of these questions:


  1. How does my race effect my being a Cleric?

What I mean by this is that because I am Human do I take the role of my Cleric to a path of righteousness or do I follow in the footsteps of greed and political corruption? Am I a Cryinale Elf whom finds purity in all things related to my Deity? Am I a Dwarven priest that finds his worship is strongest among devote friends and blessed ale? Will I be a prejudice Indago that believes racial purity is the only answer to my Lord? There are many character traits (both good and bad) to take into consideration based on race. Try to come up with something new and original, deep and moving. Wow other players and yourself with your racial response to religion.


  1. What is my background? Why am I a religious man?

Was it a near-death experience that brought me closer to God? Perhaps a vision of an apocalyptic future? Was I born into a family of hate and striving to make a world of love? Do I simply want to help people? Is my only goal to influence political power to my needs? Do I use my Entity for personal gain or does It use me? This question is important because it creates a consistent history about your character that makes sense with his present situation and history (as you will come to find) is very important in this world. The answer to this question will be the building blocks to a successful character and a bright future.


  1. Am I a Shepherd or a Lamb?

Traditionally religious figures are viewed as a Shepard tending over a flock of lambs. With enough skill, influence, and power a Cleric can rule over his “flock” and convince them to do things they might normally not do, such as take political or aggressive action, war, make peace with enemies, help people, hunt together, construct a place of worship; anything imaginable. If you are a lamb there is still a place for you in this game as a Cleric though probably not one of much influence or power.


  1. Am I Devoted Enough to a Life of Poverty and Frailty?

Can you be devoted enough to your religion to be more then just a character that heals? Can you understand and live with the fact you will not hunt powerful creatures (until far later in the game) and rely on others for monetary support? Can you have patience with the slower progression of your own skills and the lack of funds necessary to purchase goods and services? Can you play a healer that can barely hold his or her own in melee combat? If the answer to any of these is “no” then you probably will want to choose another class.


  1. Do I Play Lone-wolf or am I a Leader?

Do you rely on solo hunting and self-only exploration? Do you shun others because you feel superior to them? Do you feel groups slow your progression? If so then you should choose another class. Clerics rely on groups to hunt and advance. You will find that if you take charge and form hunting parties, and help people that fall within your role-playing boundary when they are in need, then you will advance quickly and immerse yourself into the rewarding riches of role-playing.


Can you be a rich and famous Cleric? Yes, but the road is long and difficult. You will find yourself for almost your entire gaming career poor and asking people for handouts but if you play your cards right and use patience and timing in coordination with your prayers and skills then you should reap large benefits in the endgame.


Patience My Son, Patience…

Listed in this section of our helpful little guide are several tips and guidelines that both new and older players alike will find helpful.



  1. Always be patient! Never try to jump to any biased or rash conclusion in a player argument. Always weigh the facts of any given situation and make the best call of judgment; feel free to even think about it for before saying anything on it. Always remember, that person you insult today may not save you tomorrow. As a Cleric you must expect other players to treat you well or you won’t advance and in return you must try to treat them with respect (don’t be a hothead!).


  1. Use timing in combat. Remember that those favors are limited, they only refill every 60 seconds. If you pour all those favors into gift and it was not as successful as you had originally planned you are defenseless and useless to others for an entire minute. While this may not seem like a long duration of feebleness just remember that you can die, your friends can die, and the battle can be lost all in the course of a minute.


  1. Use your congregation wisely! If you are corrupt do not try to make it public! Do not convince your congregation of worshippers to hunt down that one Thief that picked your pockets, save the crusades for burning temples or overthrowing factions and governments. Do not purposely irritate your followers with false promise and constant disappointment. These are all good ways to find your temple burned and you on the chopping block.


  1. Donate regularly; it is a surefire way to bring you more favors and favors are the meat of your character.


  1. Socialize often and get to know your local politicians. The more friends you make the more money you can ask for and the more support you gain for your cause. The more politicians you contact the more influence you can hold over them. You might even convince them to construct a temple in the city and place you at the head of it.


  1. Try to plan your opponent’s next move. You stand as a chief official of a powerful Entity and therefore you are the earthly commander of his living souls. You are the general in religious or political disputes. You are the glue that keeps your party together. You are the reason so many players did not die that day! Plan your opponent’s next move and turn your physical flaws into mental advantages.



There are not many guidelines but these simple ones expect to be followed.


  1. You are a Cleric! You pray to a God! You are religious so act religious. Do not denounce your Entity or claim they do not exist.


  1. Do not ask to donate to another Deity simply because you no longer like yours. Come up with a good reason to renounce your Lord and believe in another.


  1. Do not constantly whine about the difficulty level of Clerics. You have been warned in this guide and help files about the difficulty level. No excessive whining permitted.


  1. Try to manipulate the public; you are a religious leader. You influence and control the masses. Make them do your dirty work.



I Cannot Afford to Role-play!

The Staff on A Tempest Season is fully aware about the difficulty level on playing a Cleric. We will accept letters of request for role-playing items that dedicated Clerics cannot afford because of training and devotion cost. We will be more than happy to reward Clerics with such; however it is essential that you Role-play to get these items. We will not just hand them to people that are not trying to play their part. All we ask is that you try.



And on That Note!

And one final note on Clerics is simply just a reminder that they are difficult but if played correctly are very rewarding. We ask that you simply just have fun and choose a class suitable for you. If you are interested in the Cleric class then we encourage you to try to play it. If you do and find it is too difficult simply re-roll your character. There will be no penalty or judgment passed on you for dislike of a class or race, so just experiment and have fun!


~ATS Staff