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Arcanists, like Mages, are the group of specialized people that can draw essence from the planet and shape it into their own desires. Both Arcanists and Mages can store this essence inside of their body for use at a later time.

Arcanists use the essence in a different way than Mages: by harnessing the violatile element of Arcane. This element is extremely unstable and only exists for a short period of time. Arcanists summon a small temporary pocket of Arcane energy known as a Resonance. They are then able to draw upon the pocket to fuel their evocations. Finally, Arcanists are masters at crafting Runes that serve various purposes such as teleportion, weapon and armor enchants, as well as group buffs.

Arcanists are trained at the Magic Academy in Eridan on the continent of North Kel-sith. Every Arcanist attends the Academy to learn the art of the arcane. It is almost impossible for a Arcanist to learn magic without guidance due to it’s complexity. After Arcanists graduate from the Magic Academy, they generally join the Arcane Order. This is located at the same location as the Academy. There are lesser orders, but the Arcane Order is the most popular.

The Order and Academy is headed by an Arch Mage. The current Arch Mage is Erius Riesuts, who is at the moment, overseeing Tralisia (where the game takes place).

To learn more about Magic and Essence, visit the Lore section of the website.



Arcanists are considered hard difficulty and are suggested for experienced players to try. Their mechanics are more complex due to having to monitor their Resonance cloud, needing to both USE, CAST and EVOKE their abilities, and proper rune placement.  The role play is more complex due to the depth of the lore for Magic and Arcane in A Tempest Season.

With that said, Arcanists offer players who love the Arcane a very rich experience!



Arcanists serve as a Debuffer, Controller and Utility.

Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Arcanists. Arcanists can apprentice under Erius Riesuts, Arch Mage of the Magic Academy and Arcane Order. They can explore Ama’rane and discover the Arcane secrets it holds. Or they can simply read old tomes and sift through ancient history that way. Finally, ancient evils and darkness reside on Ama’rane and the ones who desire pure power and are evil to the core have great role play opportunity to be the scourge of Tralisia and perhaps more!


Unique Game Play System

Arcanists use Essence, Resonance and Runes. An Arcanist summons a Resonance which contains 3 energy levels (Energy, Diminution and Chronos). Each one of these levels fuels their evocations which are used in combat. In addition, evoking evocations in certain orders will buff other ones.

Runes allow an Arcanist to inscribe powerful affects on themselves, items and in rooms. These runes, when combined with others, can form a very powerful and versatile way to solve problems and offer great RP.


Each Arcanist can select from one of two focii. Each will give the Arcanist unique skills.

Akarinus Convergence

Akarinus was one of the pioneers that discovered the Aeanum in Arcane Resonances and how to fully draw it out. Upon his death in the 2nd Age, a minute amount of his essence was stored and all Arcanists who wish to master their Arcane Resonances would be allowed contact with this essence. This would converge Akarinus’s power and the Arcanist’s innate abilities to form  a true master of the Arcane Resonances. The Arcanist is then able to draw out more powerful and devastating evocations.

Role: The Akarinus Convergence is more combat based, increasing the potency of the evocations.

Rune Master

Rune Masters specialize in learning the secrets of arcanic runes both creation and ancient and obscure symbols. This focus gains access to unique and powerful runes as well as special abilities that enhance a runes potency.

Role: The Rune Master is more utility based, giving access to more powerful runes.

Special Attacks

Arcanists have special attacks with their evocations.



At level 25, Arcanists can select specializations that involve increasing their skills with Debuffing, Control and Runes.

Eternal Diminution

Mastering the Arcane Resonances is no easy task – with so many complexities and unknowns found in each rift. An Arcanist may wish to seek to further their knowledge and power in Diminution…and that is where the secrets of Eternal Diminution are studied! By mastering and learning more about Diminution, the Arcanist is able to successfully empower their ability to render their enemies incapable for eternity!


Control – it is what everyone seeks in their lives. But what if you could control others? Remove them from time itself? This is what some Arcanists seek in their Arcane Resonances. Inside each resonance is the means of Domination. This is the first step for the Arcanist…to dominate their enemies!

Archaic Symbolic Lore

Each character on a rune holds special properties and meaning. When combined they form whatever the rune has to offer. But ancient symbols hold so much more: the gateway to the past and, then the future. It serves as the foundation for what runes really are and why they exist on Eihydia. These Archaic Symbols will open the door for you.



To see all abilities this class receives click here: Arcanist Abilities


Preferred Races

Indagoians, Cryinale, Treloria, and Corvant.




Spells, cast, evoke, runic.


Additional Information

See the following page for my information about Arcanists: Magic

Arcanist Abilities

Contents1 Arcane1.1 Channel1.2 Detect Magic1.3 Runic2 Chronos Evocations2.1 Aeanum Bindings2.2 Arcane Regulation2.3 Eternal Arcanum2.4 Stasis2.5 Suspend3 Combat3.1 Armor: Chain3.2 Armor: Leather3.3 Armor: Plate3.4 Defensive Maneuvers3.5 Melee Techniques4 Diminution Evocations4.1 Crippling Occanii4.2 Helix of Occanii4.3 Incongruity4.4 Nullify4.5 Origin Drain4.6 Sapping Aeanum4.7 Topple5 Energy Evocations5.1 Calescent Narkon5.2 Raging Narkon5.3 Time Bomb5.4 Vaporize5.5 Volatile Flare6 Evocations6.1 Evocation6.2 Resonance7 …

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