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The Man Who Lived Forever

Captain Gene Lynch’s legendary exploits sailing along foreign coasts and unfamiliar waters have been the source for much debate, specifically in regards to 1Ama’rane and its unusual process life and death. Legend has it that Lynch’s last great adventure took him from his home city of 2Norimar to an area just short of 50 miles southeast of present day Tralisia. It was there that Captain Lynch and his 3100 men traveled in search of a legendary treasure. Lynch’s last words to the world-renowned 4League of Explorers were at best, vague.
“I go now before you in search of that which is priced more so than life, yet equally just as cheap.”
Lynch’s final recorded words are the most intriguing amongst scholars who argue that he went in search of a source of everlasting life. Neither Lynch nor any of his crew would ever return from their journey.

Interestingly enough, 350 years after Captain Lynch’s journey a man claiming to be Lynch returned to Norimar on a craft smaller in size than with what he left with, this adding less credibility to his story. His crew was also nowhere in sight.

Immediately the man began to proclaim himself as Captain Gene Lynch, the only surviving member of his last known expedition, the man who lived forever. This caused a great stir amongst the League of Explorers who was fully intent on keeping Lynch’s name clear of all dishonor. An emergency assembly was scheduled and the man declaring to be Captain Lynch was brought forward and judged under a panel of 50.

The Minutes of Case #4882 (Unknown vs. League of Explorers):

Judge Mackus: “Step forward and identify yourself.”

Unknown: “Gene Lynch, Captain of the 5Eliza Rose.”

Judge ?????: “That’s impossible, Captain Lynch was lost at sea over 350 years ago.”

Judge Balzae: “This is a complete waste of time! I opt we give this man the appropriate punishment for soiling our dear Captain
Lynch’s good-reputation.

Unknown: “I thank you for those kind words your honor.”

Judge Balzae: “They were not intended to be kind cretin.”

Judge Olmazare slams his fist onto his podium.

Judge Olmazare: “We will have order in this court. The prisoner will not speak unless spoken too, is this understood?”
The Unknown man nods.

Judge Mackus: “If you are indeed the man you so adamantly claim to be then perhaps you would not mind providing a demonstration?”

Judge Balzae: “Or at least some proof!”

Judge ?????: “I will agree to such a request, I too would profit in seeing some evidence suggesting this man’s claims.”

The panel stirs and murmurs to his or her neighbor, below the Unknown man stands motionless. Judge Olmazare raises his arms and brings the court under order.

Judge Olmazare: “A challenge then! Show us your proof stranger. Show us the mark of the Guild that you have taken upon your left breast.”

Unknown: “I will oblige to your request, that and so much more.”

The panel gasped in disgust as the Unknown man completely tore his shirt from his body revealing a hideously scarred frame. Above his left breast was the tattoo given by the League of Explorers.

Judge ?????: “He bears the mark! He speaks the truth! He bears the mark! There see it, upon his left breast! The mark! The mark!

Judge Filamore: “Silence knave! Silence! It is obviously a fake, he knows of Captain Gene Lynch and most certainly knows of his tattoo. Everyone knows of it, it is common knowledge!

Judge Olmazare: “There will be order!”

Unknown: “I have shown you.”

Judge Olmazare: “Silence prisoner!”

The panel falls completely silent.

Judge Balzae: “If you are Captain Lynch, why do you have the body of a 30 year old Human?”

Unknown: “I may appear 30 but rest assured, I am 384 years old.”

Judge Balzae: “I’ll not rest until I see you hang for your dishonoring of Captain Lynch.”

Judge Filamore: “Then how would you explain it?”

Unknown: “I discovered something on Ama’rane that granted me my flesh eternally.”

Judge Mackus: “How do you explain such odd markings then? Would I be incorrect in assuming that immortals never exhibit bodily disfigurement?”

Unknown: “Apparently you are. You see, this amazing gift comes at an amazing price. I simply cannot die! I can be scarred however.
The panel talks amongst themselves momentarily.

Judge Olmazare: “We have heard enough. We ask now that on behalf of your honor and the reputation of the man you seek to destroy that you reveal your identity to us. Failure to do so will result in execution by our laws.”

The Unknown man stands motionless for a moment. A smile creeps across his face.

Unknown: “Life is what I’ve lived for 384 years and death is now what I seek, the last great adventure. Ladies and gentleman of the panel, I regret to inform you that your judgment will do no harm. Look upon my mangled body and strike me down if you think you can. Drink of my blood to taste my eternal pain if you must, but remember…”

The panel is completely silent and the Unknown man falls to his knees.

Unknown: “…I am Captain Gene Lynch!”

Judge Olmazare motions to an armed man in the darkness and he enters with an executioner’s axe.

Judge Olmazare: “That, I am sorry to hear.”

Judge Olmazare drops his hand onto the desk and the executioner drops his blade to the Unknown man’s neck. The panel cheers as his body slumps lifelessly to the cold marble floor and his head rolls into the darkness. Quickly, the executioner stumbles after it in order to retrieve and present it to the panel.

Judge Mackus: “It’s over! The fiend has died! He is no immortal, our laws were just.”

Unknown: “Your laws are old and judgment unjust.”

The panel falls silent as the Unknown man stands, a deep thick scar lining the area of his neck that was severed.

Unknown: “I am Captain Gene Lynch and I am the man that lived forever.”

Judge ?????: “He speaks the truth! He is Lynch! He is immortal! I shall be the first to drink of his life!”

The executioner appears without the Unknown man’s head. He looks confused. 6Seven judges rush to the floor and lap eagerly at the Unknown man’s blood.

Judge Olmazare: “Fools no!”

Judge ?????: “Grant me forever my Lord, grant me eternal life!”

The Unknown man looked over the council and lapping dogs sadly.

Unknown: “Live forever then. Live forever in your laws and your body.”

As the council burst into an uproar of excitement the Unknown man moved slowly towards the door and out into the streets.

Historian Notes:
1. Present day Tralisia is located on the continent of Ama’rane.
2. Norimar is located on the continent of Evonia.
3. 100 men is viewed as either an over exaggeration or mistranslation of old text.
4. The League of Explorers has since disbanded in an unknown year.
5. The Eliza Rose was Captain Gene Lynch’s legendary ship. It is believed to have been the fastest ship in Lynch’s time.
6. The Seven Judges appear 500 years later in various records. As of 3000 years ago, no recorded account of the Seven Judges has been made. They are believed to be mythological. This part of the minutes may have been mistranslated. Some scholars argue that the Seven Judges cleaned the floor of his blood instead of drinking it.