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The Black Book

You browse through the black book and chance upon this interesting passage:

old book small“It was late at night when I decided it was time to try this again. I wanted to take control of my surroundings. I wanted to be called master by them. It was this urge that drove me to do these dark deeds. I sat in silence in my dark room. I carefully made sure that the lights were out and the curtains were closed shut. It was very important that I was not disturbed.

I sat alone for quite some time as I probed my mind in hopes of the answer that lurked in the void. It wasn’t until much later that night when I found it. I found the will to do it. I quickly began my manipulation of Nature about me. The room became filled with many sparks and globes of dancing colors. I was ecstatic! Before me was the power that I wished for a long time. I finally had it.

As soon as it started my mind and body failed and the manipulation ended. I quickly wrote down what I learned and slept for three days. I had to regain my energy and the hardest part was over.

The hardest part of manipulation is finding the will to control it.”