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Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds

During the first month of the first year the citizens of Tralisia fell under political scrutiny and localized military invasion. A race of cave dwelling creatures violently attacked the Tralisian government for its failure to prosecute a Dwarf named Dyhazid Darkhammer for multiple murders–all the victims were Dwellers. The government failed to recognize the charges because the Dwellers were not protected under Tralisian law. Chief Justice Rakker Falsoth placed the town under Martial Law after the third attack. It was during this time that a group of scouts had returned from the Southern Grasslands to report Dweller activity. They were met with the cityguard who moved to arrest them. A fight broke erupted between the citizens and the guard resulting in the injury of two citizens, the death of one, and the death of four guards.

After the skirmish, the group ran into the center of the city where they were surrounded and captured by fifteen guards. The entire operation was overseen by Chief Justice Rakker himself.
As the arrests were being made the Dwellers launched another attack, this time with a cave troll they had captured. The group dispersed in terror except for one man, Lamishtis Aradramoostar. He made quick work of the troll before being joined by his cohorts. Together, side-by-side with the cityguard, they disposed of the Dweller platoon and restored order to the city.

When the battle had ended Chief Justice Rakker still ordered the arrests of the mob, but two highly-respected city officials, Kalosyn Lambordia and Erius Riesuts arrived in time to grant pardon to the citizens. They argued that if they citizens had been obeying the grounds set by Rakker’s Martial Law the damage done by the Dweller’s attack could have been worse. An emergency council meeting was held and the city’s Martial Law was lifted in a 4/3 vote.

Some days later the town well had mysteriously dried up and the drums of war echoed from the south. An emergency town meeting was called. The citizens of Tralisia were ordered to take up arms and defend their city. During the arming process the Dweller’s attacked the city and seized the center square in a surprise attack from all angles.

Everyone jumped into battle, including the most prominent political figures. During the fight Chief Justice Rakker was killed by the Chief of the Dwellers, Gurtakea Suryka. Chief Gurtakea had come up through the dried well with his own platoon of soldiers. They tore through the Tralisian guards like a hot knife through butter. Kalosyn engaged Gurtakea and forced him to flee back into the dried well. Soon after, a group of guards and citizens led by Kalosyn and Erius entered the well to discover an underground tunnel. It became apparant that the Dwellers had constructed a dam to block the flow of the city’s water supply.

While traveling through the underground tunnels, Kalosyn was badly injured in a surprise attack and left for dead. Erius led the group on through the tunnel to the very end where they found Chief Gurtakea making his last stand. During the skirmish, Gurtakea tore the dam apart with his bare hands and flooded the tunnels. Erius was only able to rescue half of his company. The rest, along with Chief Gurtakea and the remains of his army perished beneath the murky waters.

With one political figure dead and the other missing, the city was thrown into complete chaos. A Democratic vote was held by the citizens on whether or not they should enter the Dweller caves and destroy the rest of them before they had a chance to regroup. The verdict to leave the Dwellers in peace passed 9/8. It was at this time a messanger came from the Dwellers and told Erius they would like to establish a treaty of peace. Tired, injured, and out of resources the remaining members of the Tralisian council agreed and went to meet the Dweller elders on their own grounds.

Upon arriving they discovered Kalosyn alive and well. Kalosyn later revealed that some members of the Dweller community were opposed to the idea of war and had risked their lives to rescue him from drowning. A peace treaty was drawn up that proposed three articles: 1) All Dwellers will be protected by Tralisian law. In return they will not poison or reroute the city’s water supply, 2) All Dwellers killed in the battle would be recognized by the city and buried according to Dweller religious customs, and 3) Dwellers shall pay no taxes to the city, but in return for citizenship rights they will join Tralisia’s call to arms should the need arise.

As the agreement came to a close the Dweller’s walled themselves inside their cave in order to protect themselves from any Tralisian insurgents while they rebuilt their war torn society.


Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum

As the city was recovering from the recent Dweller assault, the city council began importing exotic merchandise. The war had proved to be a drain on the city’s economy and any money to be made in taxes on overseas goods would help bring money to the city.

Erius had suggested importing magical scrolls. He claimed he could get them cheap and they could be sold at a high cost. The suggestion was approved and a request for scrolls containing a rare ice spell was sent to North Kel-sith. A month later a ship set sail for Tralisia from Vanyelar. Along the way the was hijacked by a band of pirates led by the infamous Captain Joiain. The pirates killed the sailors aboard the merchant ship and looted the cargo. They ransomed off the pricey scrolls to Tralisia for 20,000 gold pieces.

The Arch Mage Erius immediately went to Vanyelar for assistance only to be turned away. He was ordered to recover the scrolls if not for North Kel-sith than for the sailors who gave their lives delivering them.

In an effort to end the conflict peacefully a deal was made with the pirates, only the city did not have 20,000 gold pieces to pay the ransom. A wealthy local, Tollkirsche Carnevor, offered to put up the money to retrieve the scrolls in exchange for a percentage of the sales made by them. The government agreed to pay Tollkirsche 20,000 gold pieces plus 5,000 gold in interest from profit of magical sales over a twelve month period. Joiain was contacted and instructed to meet with Erius to collect his ransom.

Trickery is best for a pirate… Captain Joiain ambushed the Tralisians and stole the money, and fled for their ship. A party was organized to attack them at the docks before they “shoved off” in hope of capturing them, retrieving the scrolls, and getting back their money.

Unfortunately, some members of the raid became overzealous and set the ship on fire. The ship sank with most of the pirates. Joiain and the remaining member of his band escaped during the confusion. Only a few of the boxes were recovered from the burning ship. The rest, and the 20,000 gold pieces, sank to the bottom of the ocean. Interestingly enough, the Tralisian government also managed to seize some of the pirates’ possessions, including a powder, that when eaten, will lessen one’s pain and heal wounds.