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Legends of the Order of the Shield

Coming Darkness

This is an ancient long dead legend that has faded from our lives and into the depths of time. It was forgotten because those that remembered it have died with it.


The blade glowed with a bluish aura of power as it came crashing down upon the hideous and terrifying creature’s head. The well-struck blow went deep and the red life force shot out into the air. It landed several feet onto the ground and sizzled from the heat that was forever contained in it. The creature snarled something out of this world and collapsed to the ground with a thud. The man who struck the blow walked quickly by, his metal boots clanking against the ground. This was followed by another group of the same type of metal boots. Down a hallway they ran to a long flight of stairs leading upwards into darkness.

A hand grabbed the lead man’s armored shoulder causing the group of men to stop. “We must hurry, the devious wizard resides up those stairs, I know this.” The voice said preparing the rest of the men. He paused for a moment, seemingly to choose his words carefully so an explanation was not needed afterwards. “Make it swift and fast. Do not let him conjurer more of these vile demons from beyond! Daeloth depends on us!” the man said once more before turning to the stairs. The armor-clad group rushed up the stairs to a large door of wood and it was promptly knocked aside.

They entered a large room, which appeared to be a hastily created ritual chamber of some sorts. Long tables stacked with books and strange flasks and slaves where set against the wall, making the center of the room empty for the ritualistic requirements. In the center of the room was a ring of blood red candles on top of a thin layer of blood. Within this circle was a robed figure. The commotion from the door being destroyed disturbed the wizard’s concentration and he quickly looked toward the entranceway. His view shifted as he prepared the final rites of his summoning. He lifted his arms and chanted the words needed. An aura of red light engulfed him.

The lead soldier leapt forward and thrust his sword into the wizard and a screech of great pain echoed from his dry mouth. The red aura spread from the wounded man to the ring of candles. His body slumped to the floor.

“You’re too late! I have done it; I have brought them to us! Fire will burn the world and cast us down to what we should be! Ash!” he laughed manically, with a hint of insanity in his eyes. Soon after his eyes became the look of death. The room began to shutter and the candles beyond to tip onto the floor, their hot wax mixing with the blood creating a disgusting smell. The lead knight backed up to the line of his men.

“What is this?!” asked one man.

“The end.” The lead man said with a clear sense of hopelessness in his voice.

The red aura shot out in all directions and then faded, and began to waft around the room like smoke. It made it’s way into the body of the dead wizard. His body started to convulsion violently and red strands of light coalesced his body.

None of them men where brave enough to investigate any further. The body shortly returned to normal, the red smoke rising out of it. Darkness seemed to fill the room as the seconds went on. The body began to stir again and it stood up! The armed man gasped in shock at this. The dead wizard’s mouth opened and a demonic laughter emitted from it stunning all who stood in the room that moment.

Is’aier Jzier’ihhhhh Dur-adber-ashhh sdieh—aahherrridf’sd!” wailed the wizard as he threw his arms into the air and his body became illuminated in a red light. The men looked to the wizard’s face and saw it melting before their eyes. His flesh dripped to the ground along with his blood and then his bones fell to the ground. All who stood in the room was filled with a fear that was indescribable. Before the men could do or say anything something began to form above the circular ritualistic ring of blood. It was gathering power and strength and it was black as the blackness night during winter.

“Brace your selves!” yelled the lead man as he raised his sword in anticipation at the growing blackness before him. At full power the blackness was ready to do it’s master’s bidding. A giant horrendous creature leapt out of it. It was seven feet tall and was powerfully built. It had what appeared to be leathery skin with sharp spikes where located long it’s arms and legs. It had red eyes, burning red eyes. Its mouth was sinister with a devilish grin to it, fangs protruding downwards out of the corners.

The men quickly shook their fear off and charged forward. The demon cried a heart-wrenching scream and swept its powerful arm forward to knock several of the men down at its right. It quickly turned to it’s left and stuck one a long claw into the chest of a man and he fell down the ground in a deathly agony. The battle raged on but it was hopeless, soon 11 bodies where added to the blood that was already on the floor. One man was left and he stood at the entrance of the doorway.

“You will not pass. I will send you back to the abyss!” he screamed raising his sword, it was glowing bright blue. “By the Order that I live by, give me the power I seek!” he screamed even louder and in response a flash of bright blue light shot forth from the blade. It filled the room, blinding the demon momentarily. The man rushed forward and swung a powerful swing at the creature’s chest. The demon stood still and watched the blade enter its flesh and exited at the other side of its body. It fell, the creature’s blood burning the wooden floor.

Its head slowly moved to the victor standing above it. “Your…death…is now….” It snarled and the fiery eyes faded to the color of ash. As this happened the black portal shuddered and shrieked. The Mystic Knight turned to the sound to only see hundreds of the demons he just killed come flooding through the gate before him.

“This is the end…” he said and was over taken by the hideous creatures, his screams muffled from the shrieking black gate in the room.


The town was of Daeloth was quiet. This would be the last day of that. Until its destruction the cries of torture and death would fill the streets, both day and night.



 Fall from Grace

This is an ancient long dead legend that has faded from our lives and into the depths of time. It was forgotten because those that remembered it have died with it.

Long stone pillars lined two sides a large rectangular shaped hall. In-between the beautifully crafted pillars stood marble statues of long men of great stature. At one end was a large wooden door that looked as if it could withstand any assaults against it. The other end of the hallway was a large throne quietly sitting on top of a small raised platform. The air was filled with a feeling of death and dread. Breaking the long silence was a loud crack against the formidable wooden doors, they shuddered from the force of the blow.

Echoes of heavily armored footsteps clanged against the ground between the cracks against the door. A line of men stood before the door. The men had their swords drawn and their blades glowed a bright blue color. A gentle hum emitted from the dangerous blades, but it was drowned in the repeating crashing against the door. The men’s armor was extravagant and skillfully crafted. The chest plate was decorated with gold, silver and the finest gems that money could afford. The blue light from the weapons gleaned off of the metal and brightened the darkened room. Behind the formation stood two men: one appeared to be wearing the same armor as the men in the formation, while the second one was dressed in even more beautiful armor. A long and bright red cape draped from his shoulders to his feet. The expressions on these two men’s faces were stern and unchanging. There was a look of confidence on their faces, which was demonstrated in the fact that each man’s weapon was sheathed at their side

The wooden door began to buckle from the barrage of blows it was receiving on the other side. The captain behind the formation turned to the intimidating figure next to him and there was a hint of failure in his eyes. The leader casually raised his hand. “This is where it ends, Aeuren.” He said in a deep voice. Aeuren gave a quick nod and returned to his view to the door before him.

Aeuren took a step forward, the echo of his boot clashing against the stone floor filling the room. “Before us lies the greatest moment that we will ever face in our life and we stand together! We will defend the Order of the Shield until the very last man because we are the last! Perform your oath and your duties because you are Mystic Knights!” he screamed as the wooden door buckled even more against the forceful blows. An explosion of wood shot out from the door as a leathery hand burst through it. Heat and a red light filled the room instantly. The men stood firm against this force.

The door quickly fell to a submission of renewed aggression against it. The center of the door burst apart into thousands of pieces as a horde of devilish creatures spewed forth. These creatures had bone spikes sticking out along its arms and legs. At the end of their muscular and strong arms were huge and terrifying claws. Its large head was the home to a set of glowing red eyes and a stomach wrenching set of dangerous teeth. The first wave of these creatures crashed into the line of Knights. A grand display of blue light and magical powers ensued as the men battled against the demon horde. The powerful weapons of the Mystic Knights cleaved easily through the leathery skin of the demons. Normal weapons seemed to have little effect against these creatures but the legendary weapons the Mystic Knights carried proved to be very dangerous. The screams of the demons drowned out all other sounds from combat. The first wave ended in victory for the Mystic Knights: a pile of demon bodies’ lie at their feet.

Peace seemed to settle on in the hall but this was quickly broken as this time the door blew from its hinges and was sent to the other side of the area. The doorway was filled with what seemed like an endless sea of death and destruction. This sea poured into the hall and engulfed the line of men that stood to defend it. The sheer amount of enemies proved to be overwhelming for the Mystic Knights and men began to fall before the might of the horde; blades that where once bright with a blue color faded to the blackness of death.

Aeuren drew his weapon at the site of the faltering line before him. He put his arm across the leader’s chest indicating him to step back for protection. Aeuren moved in front of his leader. Just as he moved into position a demon broke through the line and leapt at the two men. Aeuren raised the sword to his chest and a huge wall of bluish light expanded before him. The demon smashed into the wall and incapacitated him from the force of the blow. Aeuren remained in the back keeping close guard over his leader.

Another hole appeared in the line before Aeuren and the demons started to flow towards there. Aeuren raised his sword into the air. Small streaks of blue light shot into the blade and empowered it. He brought the weapon down towards the hole and a wide beam of blue power shot forth that incinerated all of the demons in its path. The beam crashed through the broken doorway and beyond. The cries of the horde were clearly heard over the battle. Aeuren stepped back as the air crackled and sparked around him. The Mystic Knights began to move backwards against the onslaught; they could not keep their ground. Eventually, the demons stopped pouring in and the Mystic Knights killed all that remained in the room. “Victory…” murmured Aeuren under his breath with pleasure.

A large figure appeared in the broken doorway. He was built like the previous demons but an aura of fire hovered around him. The room became much hotter then before. The small group of Knights tightened their formation around Aeuren and their leader. The demon walked forward towards the group of men. None of the Knights made any moves. They stood and waited.

The creature stopped before them. “If…you give me…him…” the demon pointed his arm at the man standing behind Aeuren, “…I will…let you…all go.”

Aeuren stepped forward. “I will not have that!” he yelled and raised his weapon to strike. The demon quickly reacted by slashing his arm toward the man. A stream of liquid fire shot forth and struck him across the chest. The force of the blow sent him flying through the air and he smashed against a nearby wall. The other Knights quickly took their weapons in hand and battled this demon. The battle was short lived, as all but two men remained alive: a single Knight and the leader.

The demon smiled at the two them as smoke rose from the freshly burnt corpses. The final Knight held his weapon before him in anticipation for anything. The demon slowly walked towards the Knight. “Give…him…to…me” he struggled to say. The Knight did not say or move. Quickly the demon grabbed the Knight’s face and began to squeeze it under immerse strength. The man’s face burnt and sizzled from the heat. His face melted and his insides dripped on the stone ground. The body slumped to the ground in a mass of charred and liquefied flesh.

The leader did not move but stood still. He stood alone in the presence of a mighty demon. The end was coming…he knew it. The Order will fall and this will be the start of it. All the training, all the preparation, everything seemed to have came to this point, to this failure. He had only himself to blame. He was not able to see this and he was not able to stop it. It would only be right for him to die along with the Order. It would be the only thing he could do. The man turned his view to Aeuren. The young man’s body was curled up into a small ball. The breastplate was charred from intense heat but he could barely see the slight movement of breathing. At least Aeuren would live…hopefully. The leader turned his view back to the demon.

“You want me and you will receive me!” he screamed as he threw back his cape and with amazing skill and speed drew his weapon, which was a dull gray at his side. As he raised the sword into the air the blade exploded into a blinding blue light. The man’s movements were fluid and he seemed to move like water passing through a rocky stream. The blade came crashing down and pierced the demon’s chest and shot out the opposite side. The demon screamed in a terrifying pain. His large arms extended and grabbed onto the man’s shoulders. The vile creature pulled with all his strength and tore the arms from the man’s body and both fell back in an indescribable pain.

The leader landed next to the throne and he could see Aeuren laying a ways off. He could see Aeuren dazedly staring at him. A smile came across the leader’s lips as the last of his life force was drained.



The Order of the Shield began to fall from grace and become but a memory in the minds of the people who still lived…and a legend for all who came into being in the future.