A Notice to the Citizens of Tralisia

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A Notice to the Citizens of Tralisia

Post by sonny » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:56 pm


The city has received schematics for the device that should provide a steady source of essence to feed our new found allies the Gremlins. With such a device in place we can then focus our efforts on the logistics of housing, but unfortunately most of the city's resources have been dedicated to the recent encroachment of undead. After deliberation amongst the council it has been decided to enlist the help of the citizens to supplement the gathering of the remaining materials. A list of items have been provided below, which should be deposited in the bin southwest of our town square. If the Barin's assistant becomes selective to any specific item please notify myself immediately. Again, thank you citizens for your dedication to your new brethren, they as well as Tralisia are most appreciative.

Arcane Assistant to the Arch Mage

Materials Needed

a set of rusted iron plateware
tarnished silver cup
a broken iron lockpick
a bronze sprocket
a large iron spring
a tiny iron spring
some nuts and bolts
a black plastic cap
a bronze jaw
a steel fastener
a steel hinge
some bronze cogs
an iron wheel
some long steel screws
an ear made from copper
some steel teeth
some iron sockets
a generic metal vent
a red dial
a circular glass covering
a copper connector
a blue rubber hose
some copper wires
a small bronze clock
a small iron pipe
a tiny can of oil
a bronze face plate
a bronze torso shell
a bronze leg case
some copper sheeting
some bronze sheeting
some iron sheeting
some steel sheeting
a bronze abdominal case
a bronze wrist fastener
some bronze claws
a bronze neck case
a tiny water heatert
an iron choker
a small slab of maple wood
a wooden slab
some stone slabs
a brass-beaded choker necklace
an iron bracelet
a small block of wood
an iron nail file
a bronze necklace
a bent bronze cup
a tiny silver bell
a bronze statue
a twisted steel ring of Iniquity
a rusted iron ring