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Game Updates

February Game Update

Copyover in action

Hail, I bring to you yet another game update. I’m pleased to say that the Cleric and Fighter systems are in. The Cleric system is almost the same as before. The main plan here is to make each Entity to give more gifts than before at each donation level. Here is an image of the …

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Website Updates


The Lore Section of the website has had many new additions to it – so check it out. Over the course of the next several months the Manual and the Lore section will continue to expand. We have lots of content we want to have on the website. So stay tuned!

January Game Update

Converted Game Data!

Hello, I have another update for A Tempest Season. After a lot of thought and suggestions from Telrei, I have decided to try to convert as much as the old content as possible. I thought it would be better to take a few weeks to do that through a convertor, than it would be remake …

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December Game Update

Super Fast Combat!

Hello! Things are going well. I have coded up a lot of base line functionality into the game. I’ve completed a lot of internal code to run the combat system. It looks just like the old ATS combat but has better performance and more functionality.     For example, some of the improvements are: being …

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