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Dragons (Restricted)

Dragon’s are a restricted race only given to players who display exemplary RP over a long term. They also are for players who enjoying leveling up and are in it for the long haul.



Dragons are creatures that have always been present on Eihydia. They reside mostly in the jungles of South Kel-sith. Dragons are usually not sentient beings and can be related more to a wild lion or tiger. In addition, they have no known magical qualities about them.

Like other animals, Dragons go through normal breeding processes which involve a lengthy reproductive cycle which includes a mating ritual, egg laying and care of their young.


However, on very rare occasions, it is possible for eggs to be laid in essence rich areas, which can lead to mutation by the Gaia Tributary. Upon hatching, these new young have intelligence equal to that of an average Human. Unfortunately for them, the parents sense the mutations and either kill them or quickly cast them out. Most die shortly after being born. Rarer still, do these mutated dragons survive. Some live in the Jungles for their entire lives, hiding from civilization. Some may make an attempt to join civilization and have been met with various levels of success: death or assimilation and acceptance. Dragons make their best homes in tribal areas where the Shamans from the dawn of Time speak of a higher power and of the ancient, long dead Reptile race of Maracolians.




Dragons grow and evolve into different ages. There are four Ages:

  • Young
  • Mature
  • Old
  • Ancient

In order to grow to the next age, a Dragon must first attain the maximum character level. Then, they must use a catalyst, which is only attainable via RP. Once these two conditions have been met, the Dragon may grow (by using the grow command).

After the growing session, the Dragon is then reset to level 1 but retain all Health/Stamina/Essence gains. Each Age offers new abilities and powers.


All Dragons start out as Young. They are akin to a walking reptile and are very un-dragon like in physical appearance. However, they do have colored scales and sharp claws. The colored scales dictate what breath weapon they acquire when becoming Ancient.


Mature Dragons are larger, have gained thicker scales and can use their teeth to inflict gruesome wounds on their victims. Mature Dragons look similar to Young Dragons, but are larger in size and have a more pronounced reptilian/dragon head.


Old Dragons are ones who have fully blossomed into dragon-hood. They grow wings and their scales become ultra thick. The advent of wings allow them the power of flight.

These dragons resemble what the world considers one would look like: tall, huge, winged, large head and vicious instruments of death.


Ancient Dragons are the oldest Age. They are very large and old – truly massive beasts of pure power. Upon growing to this Age, they acquire impenetrable scales and their throats develop the capability to use devastating breath attacks. These attacks can wipe out entire groups of enemies.

The breath attacks are based on scale color are:

  • Red
    • A fire attack that deals high damage and damage over time.
  • White
    • An ice attack that deals damage and freezes their foes.
  • Blue
    • A water attack that deals damage and lowers the defenses of their foes.
  • Yellow
    • A lightning attack that deals damage and lowers the attacks of their foes.
  • Green
    • A noxious gas attack that deals damage and high damage over time.
  • Black
    • A Death mist attack that deals high damage and has a very small chance to outright kill their foes.




Dragons are difficult to play, from attaining them, RPing them, to leveling them. Even though Dragons are difficult, they are richly rewarding – a new RP perspective and unique powerful natural abilities.

Attaining Dragons

Dragons are a very powerful race and can only be acquired by assignment from the Staff. The Staff, at their discretion, will approach a player and offer them the chance to roll up a new character which will be a Young Dragon.

The Staff know that generally, all players would like to play as a Dragon so there is no need to inform them of your desire.

Role Play

The Role Play requirements of a Dragon entail an display of exemplary RP over a long duration with your characters. The extent and duration of this is up to the discretion of the Staff.


Role Playing Dragons

Role Playing Dragons are difficult – met with many challenges. Being a beast forces society and civilizations to continually consider you as an outcast and occasionally hunt you. The racial tendencies towards Dragons is always high.

Besides these IC difficulties, Dragons are very powerful and must have reservations to using their power.


Leveling Dragons

It’s a long road to play a Dragon. They are meant to be a great reward that essentially opens up a limitless progression. At each Age, Young to Ancient, new powers and abilities become available. But to attain these require a lot of time and effort. It is the cost to attain such powers.

Because of these powers, a Dragon must level up to the maximum character level multiple times in order to attain the Ancient Age. However, if reached, the Dragon will be the strongest in the game. Dragons will have the most body armor, health, stamina and essence of any race and class combination.

Natural Skills

The skills Clawing, Biting, Flying and Breath Attacks have many levels and take much time to level. However, upon reaching high levels, they are extremely powerful and can decimate monsters and players at high rates of speed. This difficulty in leveling up is how these skills are balanced.

Role Play Requirement

Role Play is also required to grow in Ages. This is done through an excellent display of what it means to be a Dragon and control over your powers. The Staff will approach you with a personal quest to attain the catalyst needed to grow when they feel you’ve have meet the requirements to proceed.