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Player Homes

A Tempest Season supports player homes and ownership of rooms. Anyone can construct homes in the game and they can be anything – provided they meet the lore and do not break game policies.


Requesting A Home

© Pliene | Dreamstime Stock Photos  http://www.dreamstime.com

© Pliene | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Requesting a home is done as follows:

  • Get the gold to build what you want!
  • Make your request one of two ways:
  • Receive approval.
  • Wait for the house to be constructed.
  • Receive ownership!


Upon approval, you will work with the staff in an OOC fashion to construct your home.


Building Your Home

Once your home has been approved and payment has been delivered, construction will begin.

You will send an email to the staff member you’re working with the following items:

  • Room Descriptions that have been proofread/spell-checked/etc
  • Exits, including any lock information (Includes portals/items as exits)
  • A Map (if more than 2 rooms or containing complex/confusing exits). A mapping grid can be provided upon request to you.
  • Item Descriptions

Once this information has been received and approved, construction will begin.

Construction Time

Construction of your new home will take time. It can range from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the load on the staff. Please be patient but don’t hesitate to ask for status!

Completed Construction

Once your home has finished construction, a staff member will arrange to meet with you. During this, both of you will verify everything is how it should be. The staff member will then give you ownership and away you go!

After Construction

If you find anything wrong with your house after moving in, please contact the staff with the issue. We are more than willing to fix any issues!



© Leopollo | Dreamstime Stock Photos http://www.dreamstime.com/

© Leopollo | Dreamstime Stock Photos http://www.dreamstime.com/

Following is a list of prices for building your home. All prices are in gold.


  • 2,500 gold each room for the rooms 1-2.
  • 5,000 gold each for rooms 3-10.
  • After 10 rooms, it is 10,000 gold each, up to 20 rooms.
  • After this, the price grows by a factor of 10,000 gold per grouped ten rooms (ie: if you have 30 rooms and want a 31st, you’ll need 30,000 for that extra room).

Each room will be flagged as full light/inside otherwise stated.

Each room can hold up to 5 PLACED items. A player may pay 500 gold per extra slot.

Any extra flags are at the discretion of the staff. Examples include a room that is strong or weak in magic.


Items that will be considered permanent(reset/can’t be stolen) cost 1,000 per item (depending what it is) per room.

If an item is something beyond normal (ie: marble floors or something), it will be an extra base cost of 500 to 1,000 per item (more depending on rarity).


  • Containers cost an extra 500 gold.
  • Each item slot costs 100 gold, up to 10 slots.
  • Each slot after 10, costs 500 gold.
  • The maximum limit is 20 slots.
  • Each slot adds 10lbs of weight that the container can hold.



There is no charge for normal exits (ie: an exit from the house to the street, bedroom door, etc). Some special exits (ie: secret doors, etc) will cost 1,000 each.



Locks may be purchased and can go on an item that’s a container or a portal that’s an exit. Locks have a difficulty from 1 to 15. Anything over 10 will provide great protection – but will be very expensive.


The following are prices for each lock:

  • Locks from 1 to 5 cost 1,000 each level (IE: a level 2 diff lock is 2,000).
  • Locks from 6-8 are 2,500 each level (so 5,000 for the first levels then the 2,500. IE: A level 6 would be 5,000 + 2,500 gold = 7,500).
  • Locks 9-10 are 3,500 each level.
  • Locks 11-15 are 5,000 each level.


You will be given 1 key for each lock. Replacement keys can be bought for 500 gold plus 5% of lock cost. So a level 5 lock would be 500 + (5,000* 5%) as a replacement.