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The Timeline of Eihydia


Here you will find the timeline of Eihydia. It has a very rich and detailed history.


The known history of Eihydia is split up into 3 Epochs and 14 Ages. This is not to say that the history before the first Epoch does not exist…


Epochs and Ages are generally known by other names, which will be provided when necessary. Under each section there will be information that briefly describes the events, as they are known to the inhabitants of Eihydia.


While the below sections will describe the periods in time in detail, please be aware that not every single event or point in history is covered.


Dawn on the Kumarakanda Lagoon, Sri Lanka

Dawn of Creation (1st Epoch)

This is also known as the Creation Time. Estimated time: +500,000 years ago. It is theorized that the Entity creates Eihydia.   Contents1 Dawn of Creation2 The Creation Story3 The Origins of the Amphorians4 The Dusk of Creation Dawn of Creation The Dawn of Creation is considered the beginning of life of Eihydia. No records …

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Zygan Eue (2nd Epoch)

Estimated time: 275,000-250,000 yrs

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Fall of the Ancients (3rd Epoch)

Estimated time: 250,000-235,000 yrs

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The First Age (1st Age)

Estimated time: 235,000-225,000 yrs

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Age of Magic(First) (2nd Age)

Estimated time: 225,000-175,000 yrs

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Age of Peace (3rd Age)

Estimated time: 175,000-150,000 yrs

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Age of Honor (4th Age)

Estimated time: 150,000-130,000 yrs

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Age of Exploration (5th Age)

Estimated time: 130,000-100,000 yrs

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Age of Consequence (6th Age)

Estimated time: 100,000-90,000 yrs

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Age of Magic (Second, Final) (7th Age)

Estimated time: 90,000-85,000 yrs

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8th Age

Estimated time: 85,000-70,000 yrs

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9th Age

Estimated time: 70,000-50,000 yrs

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Age of Faith (10th Age)

Estimated time: 50,000-5,000 yrs

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Age of Eclipse (11 th Age)

This Age is also known as the Last Rites of the Righteous. Estimated time: 5,000-4,000 yrs

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Age of Recovery (12th Age)

Estimated time: 4,000-1,500 yrs

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Tempest Season (13th Age)

Estimated time: 1,500-300 yrs

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The Final Intermediate Period (14th Age) – Current Age

This is the Current Age of Eihydia. This is also known as the Age of Unity. However, historians will name it accordingly after it concludes at an unknown time… Estimated time: 305 years ago-Present day.   Overview Several hundred years have passed since the infamous regime of Sesi-kai. His control, avarice, and authority resulted in …

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