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Telrei Gaia

Telrei Gaia was a Disorain Rouge who lived in Tralisia and had a profound impact on the under world. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

A moth drawn to a light
A Disorain drawn to a flame
both looking for direction the same
inescapably drawn through the night

Telrei Gaia came into Tralisia like most Disorians.
Without a true purpose or direction to guide her.
She had her wits, her experience, and not much else.
But as most Disorians she needed nothing more.
She quickly started to explore the land around her.
Venturing deep down to the southern docks and
far to the east past silent wood and the bog.
But in town she found her true purpose and path.
A small candle on a table became her calling
And beyond that candle a world not known but by few.
Under the town she honed her new found skills.
She started small but over time she grew.
Soon no lock was safe and more importantly no home.
But at last it was time to retire into the night.
She now has a permanent home under Tralisia.
Passing her knowledge and trade to others
who like her were guided through the darkness
by the light of a small candle on a table….

*Telrei Gaia was an actual player of ATS. The writings after the introduction are of her own words.