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Renee Monsieur

renee_largeRenee Monsieur was an Indago Mage. He came to Tralisia during the second settlement, when the city was a small establishment in the wilds of Ama’rane.

He was pivotal in culling the wild animals and beasts that roamed near the early city. Renee had an adeptness with Magic that is expected of Indagos – and he used this to the fullest extent possible. Over time, as Tralisia grew larger and expanded into the nearby areas, Renee turned his attention on the unexplored lands of Ama’rane. There, he found ancient ruins, and tomes. Arch Mage Riesuts was extremely pleased with the Mage’s progress in exploration and adventuring. The Arch Mage was not always able to explore as much as he’d like due to obligations he had with the city.

Renee is still alive and well. He still is charting the rest of Ama’rane and expanding his Arcane knowledge. What will the future hold for him?