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Important People


Jeremis Silbeck

Jeremis Silbeck was one of the first (player) Priests of Iniquity to visit Tralisia. He eventually constructed a temple in the city and became a High Priest for the continent of Ama’rane, which Tralisia sits on. One night he proclaimed to his followers in Tralisia he will seek the truth and faded away into the …

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Arek Verikian

Arek Verikian was a powerful Indago Mage. His time spent in Tralisia had profound influence on local events. In addition, his knowledge of the Arcane rivaled many other Mages who came from the Academy. Below is a collection of his writings.   Contents1 The Collected Letters and Musings of Arek Verikian1.1 Introduction1.2 A letter to …

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Aeolus Zephyrus

Aeolus Zephyrus was a Cryinale Mage that lived in Tralisia during it’s early years. He had much reknown in the study of Ama’rane especially the Silent Wood east of Tralisia. Many considered him an expert on the matter, with his knowledge on the matter fast approaching Arch Mage Erius. No one is entirely sure what …

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Derium Ceriuam

Derium Ceriuam, better known as the Mad Sage, (Age and life unknown, before the 14th Age) was an Eridan native. His greatest and most notorious achievement was the creation of the Glorifian Construct, which served as an amplifier for arcane purposes and as a doorway to parallel worlds.   Contents1 Early Life2 Politics3 The Mad …

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Telrei Gaia

Telrei Gaia was a Disorain Rouge who lived in Tralisia and had a profound impact on the under world. Her current whereabouts are unknown. A moth drawn to a light A Disorain drawn to a flame both looking for direction the same inescapably drawn through the night Telrei Gaia came into Tralisia like most Disorians. …

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Renee Monsieur

Renee Monsieur was an Indago Mage. He came to Tralisia during the second settlement, when the city was a small establishment in the wilds of Ama’rane. He was pivotal in culling the wild animals and beasts that roamed near the early city. Renee had an adeptness with Magic that is expected of Indagos – and …

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Erius Riesuts, Arch Mage

You may read the In-Character biography of Erius Riesuts here: Life of Erius Resiuts This was written by the historian Larian Desiam, who may or may not had ulterior motives in writing this. Since the work was written by an IC character, this means it can be used as public knowledge for other characters if …

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Tollkirsche Carnevor


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Silent Wood

Mornauto Garoth

Mornauto is a disorain mage and established resident of Tralisia.  He remained tight-lipped about his past prior to his arrival in Tralisia, but some aspects can be inferred.  He never spoke of a family, suggesting that he likely grew up as an orphan.  He demonstrates a preference for rural over urban environments, indicating a background …

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Aleena Knight

Aleena started off as a small-time thief in the city of Ema. One day, she was involved in a robbery gone wrong and was arrested. After trial, she was placed under parole and put in the custody of Mister Yuli Milano. They travelled to Tralisia together, where she served her sentence protecting the town. She …

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